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Controlled Environment Systems is a market leader and innovator in the use of IMPs in the construction industry since the 1980s.


We first made our reputation in the Cold Storage construction business. Building everything from small cooler and freezer enclosures for food processors to large-scale cold storage distribution facilities and warehouses we tailor the project to our clients varied business needs.


Insulated Thermal Envelopes

Insulated Metal Panels provide a flexible solution for exterior and interior facilities. Used for cold storage applications, including dry good warehouses, cooler/freezer buildings, food processing facilities and all temperature-controlled environments for all purposes.


Panels used in conjunction with Controlled Environment Systems achieves and maintains temperature control and insulation values an varied climates. Food Storage and specialty environments can access USDA compliant stainless steel for use in aggressive or daily washdown areas.

Tech Cleanroom
  • Design

  • Construction

  • ISO Cleanroom Solutions

  • HEPA Filters


Architect Workplace


  • Space Use Assessment

  • True Use Estimate

  • Assist with IMP Selection

  • Trim Fabrication

  • Financial Efficiencies



  • Built to tolerance

  • Assembly

  • Certification


  • Identify / Selection

  • Customize / Fabrication

  • Installation

Protecting what is Precious

Insulate Metal Panels, are known  for their durability, energy efficiency, design  flexibility, versatility and reliability..  The vapor barrier, one of the critical functions of an IMP can be applied at the factory or on-site depending upon the panel.


Our installation teams are specially trained in Insulated Metal Panel construction techniques and best practices. No matter the application, our CES installation teams deliver the perfect environment for our clients.  

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