controlled environment turnkey services

we protect whatís important to you

When your business calls for a controlled environment, itís important to have a knowledgeable vendor you can rely on. CES delivers complete capability with uncompromising quality for your:

  • cold storage
  • environmental rooms
  • food processing
  • cleanrooms
  • other special environmental needs

Your business runs smoother when you work with Controlled Environment Structures. Our engineers work with you to design a structure that fits in with your business and your goals. We ask analytical questions to interpret how our products will interface with your entire operation. We recommend intelligent, cost-effective systems and storage solutions. Then we match the right products to your requirements.

When you ďsign onĒ with CES, our expertise helps you achieve a synergy of quality, cost and performance with:

  • Tested reliability and fail-safe considerations.
  • The finest and most durable hardware products.
  • The latest built-in technology.

Controlled Environment Structures turnkey services