CES foamwall specifications

architectural specifications

Wall System:

Walls shall be demountable panels of modular design not to exceed 48 inches in width. The panels will be joined to each other by a spline-in-groove system and all panel seams will be sealed by a compressible PVC gasket to insure airtight and vaportight construction.

Panel Construction:

Panels shall be of stressed skin construction, with facing materials laminated to a rigid foam insulation core. Core materials shall be polystyrene or polyisocyanurate with density as specified. A single component catalytically cured urethane adhesive with 100% contact area will bond facings to the core material.

Facing Materials:

Facings shall be minimum .032" aluminum, minimum 26 gauge galvanized steel, minimum 24 gauge stainless steel, .060 fiberglass reinforced plastic, or other suitable material as requested. Facings will be painted and/or finished as required. A protective strippable plastic film is available to minimize damage to the finish during shipping and construction.

Insulation Core:

Insulation core materials shall be as follows:

  1. Expanded polystyrene, 1.3#/cu.ft. density, with a K factor of .22/inch @ 40oF mean temperature. Available thickness 2" thru 12".
  2. Polyisocyanurate (urethane), 2.0#/cu.ft. density, with a K factor of .14/inch @ 40oF mean temperature. Available thickness 2" thru 6".


A tempered hardboard, oriented strandboard or gypsum backing shall be provided as required.

Joining System

Panels shall be joined by a spline-in-groove system to insure structural rigidity and proper panel to panel alignment.

Door Panel Sections

Door openings shall have full height Douglas fir wood reinforcement bucks engineered for door types and forces.

Wall Base

Panels shall sit in a minimum 20 gauge galvanized steel track anchored to the floor as required. A harmonious vinyl or metal base molding will be furnished.