"the doorman" Division


Specialized Doors & Door Services

"the doorman" @ CES offers a broad range of products and services in order to meet our customers varied needs.


Custom Made Doors by CES

CES manufactures several types of doors for cold storage, food processing , clean room, and special industrial environments.

  • Custom made insulated hinged doors
  •  Custom made insulated sliding doors
  •  Flexible traffic and personnel doors


Power Operated Doors

In addition to our custom made doors, "the doorman" offers a full line of power doors available from most  leading door manufacturers.  Choices include the industry standard Jamison MKIV insulated panel door, high performance doors from Rytec Corp., engineered air vestibules from HCR by Jamison, and many others.

  • Power operated single and bi-parting insulated panel doors.
  •  High-speed Fast-folding doors
  •  "conditioned air" air vestibules for coolers and freezers.
  •  High-speed Roll-updoors doors


 Other Specialty Doors

We also offer doors and products for most "controlled environment" situations, and we choose from leading vendors to satisfy our customers needs.

  • Flexible traffic doors
  •  Insulated "Impact" doors by Chase-Durus Industries
  •  Soundproof and sound absorbing doors
  •  Fire-rated doors
  •  Pharmaceutical and Biomedical doors
  •  "Controlled atmosphere" doors for fruit storage
  •  Corrosion resistant doors