refrigeration control systems



ready to run

The CES System 2000 is a complete package of controls and sensors ready for integration to refrigeration equipment. The System 2000 uses a microprocessor based programmable controller to continuously monitor room conditions and efficiently control your cooler and freezer.

precise control

The System 2000 provides unparalleled precision in refrigeration control due to tight integration into the room and mechanical system design. Key system features are:

  • Accurate and reliable sensors are used for room temperature
  • Thermal, refrigeration and control system design from one source - CES

efficient operation

The System 2000 is an intelligent package that allows economical operation of the coolers and freezers.

  • System provides alternating control of condensers, equalizing runtime
  • Lead/lag control - utilizing a 2nd condenser as a second stage of refrigeration as needed
  • Failure Indication - the CES system actively monitors condenser operation. You are immediately notified of a failure.

user friendly

A typical system will include the following tools for easy operation of the system:

  • LCD display of current room conditions
  • Keypad interface for setpoint and operating mode adjustment; password protected
  • Audible and visual alarms for temperatures and equipment failures
  • Keyed switch for local alarm horn silencing
  • Adjustable alarm delays to minimize nuisance alarms
  • "Always alive" dry contact for connection to house alarm system

Additionally, the system supports communications to a remote PC. An optional graphical interface can be provided that will detail all system parameters and historic trends. Multiple rooms can be linked together for central monitoring of systems.


  • All plug-in components for quick repairs; spare parts always in stock
  • System design allows operator to easily distinguish between mechanical and control system problems

CES System 2000 Cleanroom  Controller