case studies
- environmental room control systems


Brockton, MA

"Opto Makes the Dough"

CES was approached by Uno Foods to provide environmental rooms (proofers) necessary in the fermentation process for a new pizza and calzone line. CES furnished the proofers and introduced the client to the advantages of an automated process line operated by Opto 22 products.

The Opto 22 system controls all product portioning, conveyor system speeds, flouring, the temperature and humidification control sequence necessary for fermentation, and the operation of the commercial baking oven. The operator interface is provided via MMI running on two industrial touchscreen computers located along the line.

The MMI control screen to the left controls the fans, temperatures and conveyors for the 60' commercial oven used to bake the pizzas and calzones. PID control on the I/O units is used for temperature control. Since different products have different temperature profiles, a dynamic trend of the oven temperature assures the operator of proper bake temperatures.

The MMI screen to the right shows the conditions in the "proofer". This is the chamber that the dough runs through during the final stages of fermentation. The Opto 22 equipment controls the speed of the conveyors through the proofer as well as the temperature and the humidity of the chamber.